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1270 Durashield is an innovative interior/exterior 2-component polyurethane low sheen finish designed for hospitals, healthcare facilities and food processing plants where frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals is commonly encountered.
1270 Durashield is formulated using Bayhydrol® HD Wall Coating Technology from Bayer Material Science Co. This advanced technology has allowed manufacturer to formulate an exceptional abrasion resistant coating with very low VOC. 1270 Durashield is virtually odor free, will not yellow and offers both interior and exterior durability.

Interior/Exterior • 2 – Component • Aliphatic Polyurethane Low Sheen Finish

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SCAQMD - complies with Rule 1113, Architectural Coating
LEED - complies with GS-11 / EQ 4.2.

MPI Approved MPI Green
Recommended Uses
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. 1270 Durashield is ideal for specification and application in healthcare facilities, food processing facilities, industrial and high usage public areas. The high performance chemical resistance product composition and film strength of Ure-Tech allows the use of most disinfecting chemicals designed to combat MRSA and other bacteria.
White, Off-White and Pastel. Bases: P
One gallon kit:
Part A: Resin (short fill gallon/104 oz.)
Part B: Activator (short fill quart/22 oz.)
*shelf life for both Part A & B is 6 months from date of purchase.
Low Sheen, sheen @ 60° = 8 - 12 %
Surface Preparation
New: Clean to remove all contaminants, dirt and dust. Apply one coat of primer to seal surface.
Repaint: Clean to remove all surface contaminants, degloss old enamel surfaces. For damaged or stained surfaces apply one coat of primer.
1110 SEAL IT: Drywall (New / Existing).
1040 MASONRY PRE-COAT: Concrete, Masonry.
1420 ONE PRIME: Wood (Exterior/Interior), Ferrous Metal, Non-Ferrous Metal.
Mix 1270 Durashield 2-component polyurethane part B into Part A (WARNING: part B contains polyisocyanate, a chemical that is considered a respiratory and skin sensitizer. Read MSDS carefully for proper handling). Mix well for 5 minutes (if using a hand mixer, be careful not to induce foam). Let mixture stand for 10 minutes before application. DO NOT mix partial kits. If necessary, the 2nd coat may be applied wet on wet at the time of application. Do not try to 2nd coat already cured material (more than 24 hours), adhesion will be compromised.
To re-coat cured surface, sanding would be required to ensure proper adhesion. In projects lasting more than one day, you must achieve a clean break point to avoid overlapping the next day.
Roller Application: use 3/8”-1/2” nap high quality roller such as lamb skin roller; start at one corner, spread the paint evenly, then back roll in one direction to “tighten up” that section. Immediately wash brush and equipment with soap and water when finished.
Spray Application: use airless, and .13 tip. Use OSHA approved mask and personal protection (see MSDS for more information). To avoid sag on smooth surfaces, stay within 5 mils wet. Wash spray equipment immediately after use. Pot Life: 2 hours
Drying Time
Tack Free: 4 hours (at 75°, lower temperature will prolong drying)
Hard: 16 hours (at 75°, lower temperature will prolong drying)
Cure: 5 Days
325-350 square feet per gallon, depending on surface
Mil Thickness
Wet - 4.5 - 5
Dry - 2
Use at package consistency. If thinning is required, use water sparingly.
Weights & Measurements: +/-3.0%
Solids by Volume: 42%
Solids by Weight: 56%
VOC (Part A + Part B): < 50g/l
Weight Per Gal: 11 lbs.
Viscosity: 88 - 94 KU